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Boukáli's Hero

Our Mission: We hope to bring many communities from all over the world together through spreading awareness on the worldwide dilemma of the contaminated oceans. We hope to impact the younger generations and inspire them to take action and make change. We hope to build stronger bonds with the students from every Avenues: The World School and truly live up to Avenues’ core values. We are planning on doing this by making, digitally publishing and sharing 3 student written books that can be read in two languages. These languages will be: English + Spanish, English + Chinese, and English + Portuguese. We are planning on sending the books to the Avenues in Sao Paulo, Avenues Shenzhen, and Avenues NY through online read-alouds of the book.

Super Interesting Fact About the Book!!

  1. This is a fictional book based off of a true incident. In 2019, a Cuvier's beaked whale washed up on the shores off the Davao Gulf with 88 pounds of plastic in its stomach. He was a young male who starved because he ate plastic instead of food. Boukáli's father (the garbage whale) played the role of this Cuvier's beaked whale and Kaia, the author, came up with the story behind the scenes.

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