Join a Youth Coalition!

XR Youth

XR, or Extinction Rebellion, is known for doing very striking, in your face, and overall really cool actions! They are more arts focused, and they are also a completely decentralized movement.

Zero Hour

This is a USA national movement organized by women of color! Focused on ending systems of oppression that created the climate crisis! Also youth-led!


Treeage is a fairly new organization that is also policy oriented! They focus on lobbying.

Sunrise Movement

Sunrise does not have a huge youth presence, but they are trying to build one! They are focused very specifically on passing the Green New Deal, and lobbying politicians to get it done.

Youth Climate Strike

They focus more specifically on targeted policy campaigns.

Fridays for Future

They are the primary organizers of the walkouts, and they organize weekly strikes on Friday. A fully youth-led grassroots movement! Focused on getting the word out, and disrupting business as usual! No centralized power structure.